INRS sessions program

The four RehabWeek conferences will join for common keynote lectures, panel discussions and other events. In addition, each of the four conferences will organize its own, conference specific sessions. For an overview over the RehabWeek program with common and individual sessions, please consult the downloadable overview at the bottom of this page. The INRS specific session program is the following:




Tuesday morning

Organized by: World Federation of Neurorehabilitation


“Demand for impairment oriented rehabilitation”


Volker Hömberg


Thomas Platz
Title: "What is the evidence so far?"

Leopold Saltuari
Title: "Do «robots» help?"

Seng Kwee Wee
Title: Tbd.

Tuesday afternoon

Organized by: IISART


“Instrumented assessment and training”


Frans Steenbrink


David Reinkensmeyer
Title: "Integrating instrumented assessment and training into daily life after stroke: From smarter wheelchairs for acute rehabilitation to finger sensors for home use"

Sponsored by: Hocoma

Sean Dukelow
Title: "Smarter Measurement Tools: Assessing Neurologic Recovery after stroke using Robotics"

Sponsored by: BKIN Technologies

Helen Rodgers
Title: "Robot Assisted Training for the Upper Limb after Stroke (RATULS)"

Sponsored by: tecnalia

Thomas Schauer
Title: "Control strategies for cooperative FES-robot upper limb rehabilitation"

Sponsored by: tyromotion

Wednesday morning

Organized by: Wellington Hospital, London

Wednesday morning


“Current clinical application of advanced technologies and where to next?”


to be defined


Tamsin Reed
Title: "Using technology to maximise intensity and outcomes in Neurological Rehabilitation"

Dr. Andrew Jackson
Title: "Neural interfaces fort he brain and spinal cord"

Dr. Huub van Hedel
Title: "Rehabilitation technologies in children: playfully moving forward"

Wednesday afternoon

Organized by: eNHANCE Project (Horizon 2020)


eNHANCE upper limb function during daily-life in people with physical disabilities


Bart Koopman


Bart Koopmann
Title: "Assistive technology for people with limited mobility"

Aldo Faisal
Title: "Multi-modal Gaze-controlled robotic restoration of movement"

Gerdienke Prange
Title: "Validation of the eNHANCE gaze-controlled arm/hand support systems: User views"

Jackie Pitchforth
Title: "Usability of the eNHANCE device in an adolescent Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy population"

Thursday morning


Intensity matters: how rehabilitation technology can help!


Philipp Rowe
Title: "Intensive, biomechanically suitable, visually enhanced, rehabilitation of movement: the future for Physical rehabilitation"

Sponsored by: Motek

Ilse Lamers
Title: "Intensity dependent clinical effects of instrumented task-oriented upper limb training in Multiple-Sclerosis"

Sponsored by: tyromotion

Alberto Esquenazi
Title: Robotics for rehabilitation in acute stroke

Sponsored by: IISART

RehabWeek 2017 Scientific Program

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