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The video library provides an overview of free accessible video clips on topics related to advanced technologies in rehabilitation. All mentioned content belongs to their respective owner, are not adjusted and do not imply any affiliation or any other kind of an alliance with the webpage.

A new approach to rehabilitation … with robots
Michelle Johnson at TEDxPenn
Rehabilitation Robotics: Opportunities and Challenges
Enhancing the plasticity of the brain
Max Cynader
Hidden awareness
Karin Diserens at TEDxCHUV
Novel Robots for Gait and Arm Rehabilitation
Robert Riener
Robotics for Stroke Rehabilitation
Karen J. Nolan at TEDxHerndon
A critical window for recovery after stroke
John Krakauer

Presentation on Rehabilitation Robotics
APTA, 2013
Rehabilitation Robotics for the Lower Extremity: A Path for Success When Change Chooses You
Dale Hull at TEDxSaltLakeCity
Cyborgs - Fantasy, Threat or Chance?
Robert Riener at TEDxZurich
TED Talk
Michael Merzenich
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