Hands-on Training

Hands-on Training is preferred with Video and Web Based training as suggested supplements.

Hands on training allows users of the device to have the opportunity to don and doff the device on another individual and learn how to control the device with experts there to provide guidance and support as questions arise. This type of learning experience cannot be accomplished through a video or webinar.

    This section also provides recommendations on:
  • Content for a 1-2 day training course.
  • Who should do the training.
  • Timeframes and types of retraining/ongoing training that should be provided.

Video Training

    Video Training is recommended to provide:
  • General background information about the device.
  • Donning and doffing of device.
  • Navigating the computer interface.
  • Safety features.

Web-based Training

    Web-based Training is recommended to provide ongoing education.
  • Simple ongoing education.
  • Interactive questions and answer sessions between multiple users.
  • User Group communication.
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