User Manual

    The User Manual Provides information on the:
  • Manufacturer of the device
  • Purpose of the device
  • Hardware and Software operating instructions

Clinical Resource Manual

    The Clinical Resource Manual is designed with the clinician in mind to recommend:
  • Safe use of the device.
  • Documentation for goal writing and billing requirements.
  • Ways to adjust the device or computer interface based on patient presentation.
  • Treatment suggestions and how to progress a patient.
  • Who is appropriate for the device.
  • Critical information that will make the transition of these devices from the research laboratories into clinical practice smother.

Robotic devices are one of many tools in treating patients. In most cases the robotic device is a treatment tool rather than an orthosis meaning the patient will not be using or wearing it outside their therapy session. Therefore, knowing how to effectively use the device in order to progress the patient as quickly as possible will make the device more useful. Depending upon the clinician’s experience and expertise the need for additional training may vary. In addition to hands-on training, and videos of treatment techniques, examples of how to progress training in and outside of the device can be very helpful. (See example of how to progress training in the download box to the right).

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